Contributing to the Technology evolution

We help businesses to embark on digital transformation journey for acquiring new customers and adding new revenue streams.

Embracing the Digital Transformation
to empower our customers

Leverage our team of highly qualified personnel in the areas of Cyber-security, Computing and Storage, Virtualization and cloud Infrastructure, Software solutions, networking, ..etc

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About Us

Strategic innovation in IT for today and tomorrow.

VUCON Solutions Inc., is an Canadian company delivering innovative IT solutions, healthcare IT and services. Our practice focus is around visualization & cloud, data management, networks and security. Our deliverables are built upon designing world class solutions for our clients, deployment through services, validation of those designs and finally the ongoing monitoring and management of those systems.. stream.

For more than 50 (combined) years, we have helped companies overcome challenges and identify opportunities to achieve exceptional business results. Our IT experts and experienced consultants will work closely with your company, providing customized technical solutions to ensure your IT transformation agenda is a success. VUCON provides specialized services for safeguarding, managing, and supporting data infrastructure.

VUCON Solutions Inc. does try to empower our clients to know, manage and engage with the people they serve. All to disrupt the industry and transform the way healthcare is delivered.

We support our clients by surfacing data that enables them to make informed decisions for better management of operations, while arming their clinicians with the information they need to provide smarter care.

It’s our mission to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation that will shape health care of tomorrow. And we believe that what we do doesn’t just impact health care – it impacts the world. It’s why, more than ever, healthcare is too important to stay the same.

More about us

Client Achievements

When our clients move the meter in technology – increasing quality of service, reducing waste, and lowering costs – we celebrate their efforts and share the wisdom gained by their success.

Community Impact

We are devoted to improving the quality of life for everyone we serve. We seek to enhance communities through the development of healthy and educated individuals.


We strive to align our supplier relationships to extend, enable, and maximize the benefits our clients derive from VUCON Solutions Inc.