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We help businesses to embark on digital transformation journey for acquiring new customers and adding new revenue streams.

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Leverage our team of highly qualified personnel in the areas of Cyber-security, Computing and Storage, Virtualization and cloud Infrastructure, Software solutions, networking, ..etc

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We understand the challenges, We can help

At VUCON Solutions Inc., we carry a suite of comprehensive ICT solutions and Professional IT Services to offer our clients cutting edge technologies required to succeed and support their business.

Our goal is to build a Trusted Partnership with our clients. We strive to implement and support your business in any IT needs as possible to make sure your business stays operational and receives capital returns on your investments in us.

What We Bring to You

Access anywhere, anytime

Instant and secure access to patient records from anywhere helps doctors spend time with their patients

Improved productivity

Intuitive, smartphone based user experience with no training pre requisites

Always connected

Complete patient history at hand with push alerts on critical results or incoming referrals

Automation brings order

Delivering information to doctors real time, auto scoring and alerting with automated follow ups helps nursing staff focus on patient care activities

More time for patient care

Point of care mobile documentation eliminates duplicate data entry work and makes information instantly available to doctors

On time performance

Clinical teams complete patient care activities on time over SLA driven mobile workflows with automated reminders

Unified records

Unify patient records across hospitals in the network to present a coherent and complete information about the patient

Continuous improvement

Hospitals can design, implement and evolve efficient multi disciplinary care processes easily with flexible change management

Better experience

Self service registrations, visits, insurance on their own smartphones results in a ‘queue less’ experience

Improved outcomes

Discharge summaries, prescriptions and instructions with reminders at the patients finger tips helps patients manage their health better

Better control

Unified patient identities makes it easier for patients to manage their records in one place

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning driven clinical workflows that predicts interventions based on physician recorded clinical information

Avicenna MD

The essential catalyst for clinical productivity

A mobile first EMR, a multi-disciplinary task manager and a secure team messaging app rolled into one, Avicenna MD is one of the most comprehensive productivity tools available for care providers in the industry today.

Avicenna MD seamlessly integrates with your existing EHR and brings dexterity and efficiency to your enterprise while helping you stay compliant with quality standards and regulations.

Avicenna PX

Customizable mobile platform to deliver connected patient experiences

Avicenna PX is a highly customizable, white labelled, multi-lingual patient engagement mobile app that enables providers deliver a connected experience before, during and after the patient’s visit to the hospital.

Avicenna PX helps you extend your reach beyond the boundaries of your hospital, engage your patients and deliver great healthcare experiences.


The most comprehensive enterprise suite for Healthcare

Avicenna Platform enables you to overcome limitations of your legacy systems, mobilize your enterprise, automate your clinical processes as mobile clinical workflows and revolutionize the way you care. The Digital Health & Interoperability Solution for Healthcare

Knowledge, professionalism, design excellence and technical ability

The perfectly balanced team brings together decades of experience in bringing innovation to the ground in Healthcare across, North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Together with our partners, we singularly focus on building mobility and analytics software to help providers realize 10x value from their IT investments in hospital information systems.

Our Clients