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We offer solutions that protects organizations from the risks of an information breach with secure paper shredding and media destruction services.

SMART Solutions

Better Care through Efficient Operations

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Protect your business, protect what matters

Organization handles a lot of sensitive information. From financial reports to employee records, confidential information, in the wrong hands, could lead to fraud and identity theft.

VUCON Solutions Inc. offers an integrated suite of services designed to protect your facility and private information including Paper Shredding

Paper Shredding

Keeping confidential information confidential.

The most common way confidential information gets into the wrong hands is when it’s not handled appropriately. With Shred-it secure document destruction, all paper documents can go into our tamper-proof containers where of the paper is destroyed and recycled, safely and securely. So, with a regularly-scheduled service, you’re not just protected on shredding day but every day. Our offering including but not limited to:

One Time Shredding Service

Overflowing filing cabinets, storage boxes, and supply rooms represent a very real information security risk to you and your business. Our One Time Shredding Service can help you clear out the clutter and protect you secure information.

Regularly-scheduled Paper Shredding Service

The average cost of an information breach can exceed more than $6M in lost customers, revenue, and fines. Protect yourself for less than you spend on coffee each month!

  • Regularly scheduled paper shredding service.
  • Our One Time Shredding Service is Safe and Secure

Security System

High Quality Security System Solution

Look for a Better, Smarter, Complete Security System & Service in Algeria Saferity has been safeguarding countless of houses, offices, shop lots, buildings & more just like your property for 10 years++ with our Security flagship products: Alarm System, CCTV & Door Access System.

  • Alarm System: More than 20,000 homes & offices choose our Alarm System since 2003
  • Autogate: Our intelligent autogate system built to last for you for many years
  • CCTV: Premium high resolution camera with latest technology