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We offer a cutting-edge technology solutions and services tailored to your need, that align with your business objectives.

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We believe that VUCON will lead the smart solutions by using cutting edge technologies. VUCON’s smart solutions will be built on new good processes, highly digitized infrastructure and enhanced management systems and solutions. They will be powered by interconnected devices and provide outcomes and intelligence to achieve customer-centricity. These solution will be more effective, highly efficient, and cost-optimized.

VUCON Solutions Inc. has the breadth of vision, depth of technology understanding and ready to make your solution journey a guaranteed success.

Who We Are

VUCON Solutions Inc. offers a complete range of products and services for business, Corporate, Healthcare (hospitals ) and Government, including assessment, planning, designing Project Implementation, and Managed Services. We provide KPIs and predictive modelling to enable business decisions for stakeholders.

Specialising in Information Technology, VUCON Solutions Inc. offers solutions that help businesses and healthcare providers implement efficient methodologies. At VUCON Solutions Inc. we understand the need to monitor market demands and needs. Another key offering in the company’s portfolio is Assessment services and tools to evaluate the as is and to be. This is done by organizing questionnaire, scale or a checklist. Additionally, VUCON Solutions Inc. provides Enterprise Supports Services model, which is available to clients 24/7.

The VUCON Solutions Inc. team, going ahead, aims to bring in new and advanced technologies. It also has plans to expand its footprints across, Asia, Canada, GCC and North Africa and in the African region. VUCON is also working to come up with cloud-based offerings for Small Businesses and Healthcare centers.

What we bring to you

ICT Solutions

Offers a cutting-edge technology solutions and services tailored to your need, that align with your business objectives. At DTS, we carry a suite of comprehensive ICT solutions

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IT Consulting

We carry a suite of comprehensive Solutions and Services to offer our clients. IT Project Management, IT Consultation, and full Nationwide Support and Services coverage.

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Healthcare IT

Our Healthcare Information Technology solutions offerings help healthcare providers implement efficient care methodologies. Our products for Hospital, Medical Colleges, and Clinics

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The Digital Health & Interoperability Platform

A highly interoperable platform to aggregate disparate sources of Healthcare data with the aim of collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. AVICENNA enables you to overcome limitations of your legacy systems, mobilize your enterprise, automate your clinical processes as mobile clinical workflows and revolutionize the way you care.

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AI & Automation

Our AI and Automation services help businesses solve complex problems across IT and operations with increased AI sophistication. We can partner with you through consulting, enable businesses and IT to rethink and deliver value at scale.

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